Sensual Saturday w/ HYPE at Vassar College by alyssa aparicio

 Vassar Springtime. 

Vassar Springtime. 

It was such a pleasure to return to my alma mater to share what I've learned with Vassar's Official Hip-Hop Dance Crew, HYPE. On Saturday May 2nd, a day of free workshops were held at Vassar College's Kenyon Hall and open to the community. Beginning with my own Spicy Latin Fusion and followed by Shiva Ware teaching Afro-Caribbean. Last but never least Apollo Sa'Deek taught his trademark Ghetto Stiletto class.

As a recent alum of Vassar Class of 2011 and co-founder of HYPE back in my sophomore year '07, it is very important to me as well as fellow HYPE founders that the community stays connected and that past members continue a dialogue with current and future members. Also, that current students continue to use their resources to their utmost potential during their time on campus. Alongside Merema Ahmed, fellow HYPE founder and Class of 2012, we proposed this opportunity to return to campus and share a slice of our experience and community as professional dancers and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.57.19 PM.png

From their mission statement, "HYPE is an all-inclusive, dynamic, and energetic dance crew that is dedicated to creating a space on Vassar’s campus for hip-hop dance..."

This mission is one that is very dear to my heart. During my own time at Vassar, HYPE was just beginning to understand the importance of the group we created. Not until the tail end of our stay did we finally become an official organization and receive the opportunity to fund our vision for this community. Today the gates are wide open for current students to reach above and beyond what they think is possible.

Having the chance to return to teach my own brand, a mix of my two classes Spicy Latin Fusion, and Sensual Sunday, was an opportunity for reflection and inspiration. To return to Vassar alongside my mentors for the second time to share our experiences and art was a very fulfilling experience. Its so gratifying to continue to water the soil of this community and in turn, to feel supported as we take on the entertainment industry and life after Vassar.

The opportunity to learn from and have access to industry professionals would have been such an amazing resource for me as I was graduating and pursuing a career in dance, I am so grateful we were able to provide the students with some perspective and of course underline and emphasize the importance of staying true to themselves first and foremost as artists in whatever realm or career they choose to pursue.

 A still from my class Choreography

A still from my class Choreography

So many thanks to Merema Ahmed for her dedication and hard work to making this happen and so efficiently. And of course, thank you to Shiva Ware and Apollo Sa'deek for offering their talents and wisdom.  And to the members of HYPE (shout out to Tewa Kpulun and the exec board) for helping us make this event a reality, hosting us, and generally 'Ackin' Bad'. 

 Shiva Ware teaching Afro-Caribbean 

Shiva Ware teaching Afro-Caribbean 

 A snippet from Apollo Sa'Deek's class choreography

A snippet from Apollo Sa'Deek's class choreography

Sensual Sundays: Oahu,HI Recap by alyssa aparicio

Sensual Sunday: Kailua

I'd like to express my gratitude to the beautiful women of Oahu who embraced Sensual Sunday with me at the gloriously serene Yoga School of Kailua!  And a special thank you to Lu and Tom Digrazia for inviting me to  create this space in your breathtaking studio. 

The morning was overflowing with the spirit of the Goddess as she was called in to be present for ecstatic movement. Overlooking the green hills of Lanikai, with a view of the mountains and a cool breeze, we shared our stories and basked in the flow of our bodies. New friends and old comrades united and courageously brought themselves fully present to this moment in time-- seizing the opportunity to share in their thoughts and align themselves mind, body, and spirit. 

Sensual Saturday: Lanikai

A giant thank you to Yoshiko for inviting me to her majestic home overlooking Lanikai Beach for a vibrant Sensual Saturday. The women who joined from all over Oahu and beyond were such a pleasure to dance with and the joy in the air was tangible. 

The sense of sisterhood that we shared was empowered by the landscape we beheld as we soaked in the energy from earth, sea, and sky. Looking forward to my next adventure on the islands! 

Mahalo Oahu!

Sensual Sunday: Kailua by alyssa aparicio

The Carnavalesque Presents Sensual Sundays: Kailua!

Where: Yoga School of Kailua

When: Sunday, January 4th, 2015 10:00-11:30am

Awaken your Sacred Feminine Fire with the ecstatic dance of Sensuality led by Renaissance Sambista Alyssa Aparicio. Indulge yourself in the sacred and inspiring space of Yoga School of Kailua.

Join us on the first Sunday of 2015 to set our intentions via Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Invoke your Inner Carnaval Queen and bask in your divinity. Embrace your Inner Goddess while shaking your hips free through the divine arts of Samba and Belly Dance.

Join in on the fun! RSVP HERE

$20 Suggested Donation 
Please RSVP by emailing

*This is a women's only event
No experience necessary - all levels are welcome!!

Sensual Samba Fusion by alyssa aparicio

Introducing Sensual Samba Fusion! 

Class and Original Choreography by Alyssa Aparicio performed at IDA Hollywood featuring Merema Ahmed and Punky Kolquist. Filmed by Talltree


Embark on an entrancing journey within while letting your hips and limbs free to express their sensuality through the fusion art of Brazilian Samba. Release your Inner Goddess. Get down to the fierce beats of Baile Funk! Restore mind, body, and soul balance. Shake your wild hips. 

Incorporating Brazilian Samba, Belly Dance, Baile Funk, and Ecstatic Dance

Featured Music: 
Gaslamp Killer- "Nissim"
Karol Conka- "Caxambu"

Flash the Abyss by alyssa aparicio

On a road trip cross country beginning in New York and ending in California, Flash the Abyss was born as lovers traversed the open highways eager to see further and feel more deeply. Tent pitched, bodies intertwined, star gazing, sun baked from The Grand Canyon to the White Sands. This adventure of epic proportions breathed life into an underlying mission Para Bailar Labamba.  

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Flash the Abyss


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