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Alyssa Aparicio is a Vassar trained Gyn-thropologist- a specialist in the study of the flourishing of the feminine.  It is her purpose and passion to embody and empower the divine feminine. She is an accomplished creatrix, performer, writer, fashion model, and healer.

    Alyssa graduated from Vassar College in 2011 with a degree in Anthropology while simultaneously pursuing a career as a model in NYC which began at age 14. While attending school she was featured on Project Runway and in a global campaign for Converse, amongst other acheivements. Her work took her to Los Angeles, and later to Spain where she began to return to her roots as a professional dancer. She began a mentorship with Rio De Janeiro Carnaval Queen Imperatriz Amaiia. Under Amaiia she trained to be a professional sambista.

Alyssa is a professional performer of burlesque, samba, belly dance, and hip hop. She performs her fusion style in show and events in Los Angeles and beyond. She also performs with the Ghetto Stiletto Girls under creative director and choreographer Apollo Sa’deek. Alyssa has taught dance in New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Santa Barbara. She is currently offers regular Sensual Radiance Workshops and Pussy Empowered Dance Classes rooted in sensual movement and meditation in Los Angeles.

    Alyssa is an accomplished visual artist and Co-Founder of Flash the Abyss- "a photographic journey to remove boundaries between woman and whatever she pleases". This project exemplifies the feminine connection with nature and celebration of the feminine in her natural, sensual state. @Flash_the_Abyss has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and has been shared in galleries throughout Los Angeles. Alyssa is currently producing a documentary about the Divine Feminine in Flamenco Dance alongside her creative partner/partner in love, Erik “Talltree” Butts. 

In 2017 she launched Lunar Radiance, after a profound healing journey inspired her to share the wealth of knowledge around the menstrual cycle that she gathered whilst healing herself from excruciating menstrual cramps. Through this work she has inspired healing transformation through one on one sessions and group coaching.

    Among her past endeavors Alyssa has worked as West Coast Editor and contributor for Elite Daily Magazine and Co-Founded WildSpice Magazine- a boutique online magazine for “unadulterated and feisty freedom of expression”. Her writing has been published on Elite Daily, WildSpice Magazine, Vibe and more. 

Follow her journey @Sensual_Radiance.

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