Sensual Radiance: Topanga Workshop Recap / by alyssa aparicio

The first monthly Sensual Radiance Topanga Workshop was nothing short of magic. We were 9 womxn of all different backgrounds and walks of life united in our decision to be present to the ever unfolding truth of our feminine nature.


In the lush green of Topanga’s early spring we gathered around a decadent altar created to titillate the senses and bring us fully into the now. We connected with the Earth and with the Cosmos. We channeled messages from the divine. We danced with our hearts towards the sky. We nourished the bonds of sisterhood and remembered the joys of communal sharing.


We witnessed one another as we acknowledged where we are coming from, where we are currently, and where we are going. We danced in full embodiment of our intentions and commitment to unfolding. We cultivated a relationship of honoring and reverence towards our inner Goddess and saw the Goddess in each others’ eyes.


Thank you to the beautiful, bold, brave womxn who journeyed up into the mountains to take a deeper look within. I am SO looking forward to our Ostara celebration at the end of March. Date and location will be announced HERE soon!