February Performance Recap / by alyssa aparicio

Sacred Sin performance at Pussy Powerhouse presents: BOOBS event. Snapped by Corinne Loperfido

This month’s performance schedule was a manifestation of my desire to channel and embody the Diving Feminine through sensual and provocative movement. During my recent travels I received a vision of a performance that was desiring to be born through me. And thus I introduced my new Sacred Erotic act: Sacred Sin. This act is a salute to the “sin” of Eve in the Garden of Eden when she took a bite of the apple that led to her imminent sexual awakening.

I had the pleasure of performing this at both Zen & Kush presents Sacred Sensuality and Pussy Powerhouse presents BOOBS. Both performances were received with such quality presence in the audience - a mixture of dear friends, familiar faces, and fellow visionary creators. It is such a gift to be received in these kinds of consciousness elevating spaces where I know my transmission is being fully received and met with an open heart. Thank you to both Lizzy Jeff and Corinne Loperfido for continually supporting my creative flow and curating such boundary breaking, elevated experiences.

Sacred Sin performance at Zen & Kush presents Sacred Sensuality. Photographed by  Nenah Bondi

Sacred Sin performance at Zen & Kush presents Sacred Sensuality. Photographed by Nenah Bondi

Next, I was invited to perform at Eutrophian Events presents NUDE where a truly utopian environment was crafted as if straight out of a dream. I was feeling a particular calling to sweet trust - a letting go of the limiting beliefs and a calling in of the new via orgasmic up-level. Within 12 hours before the performance- the vision for song, costume, movement and message came through in the form of this performance: Cosmic Surrender. My vision was inspired by the Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell as illustrated by Danielle Noel. It was a truly cathartic and wholly present transmission which I am so grateful to have been witnessed embodying. Thank you Reshell Brown for your revolutionary creations and event spaces.

Last, but certainly not least, I performed with my beloved Ghetto Stiletto Girls under Creative Director, Choreographer, Mentor, and dear friend Apollo Sa’Deek at Friday Night Raw. We touched ourselves and twerked unapologetically- stomping our stilettos and asserting the right to show off our assets. It was a blast as always and I’m so grateful to dance alongside so many boss bitches. See a snippet of our performance below:

So looking forward to sharing more live performances with you soon! Stay tuned for future invitations!