Sensual Sundays

Sensual Sundays: Oahu,HI Recap by alyssa aparicio

Sensual Sunday: Kailua

I'd like to express my gratitude to the beautiful women of Oahu who embraced Sensual Sunday with me at the gloriously serene Yoga School of Kailua!  And a special thank you to Lu and Tom Digrazia for inviting me to  create this space in your breathtaking studio. 

The morning was overflowing with the spirit of the Goddess as she was called in to be present for ecstatic movement. Overlooking the green hills of Lanikai, with a view of the mountains and a cool breeze, we shared our stories and basked in the flow of our bodies. New friends and old comrades united and courageously brought themselves fully present to this moment in time-- seizing the opportunity to share in their thoughts and align themselves mind, body, and spirit. 

Sensual Saturday: Lanikai

A giant thank you to Yoshiko for inviting me to her majestic home overlooking Lanikai Beach for a vibrant Sensual Saturday. The women who joined from all over Oahu and beyond were such a pleasure to dance with and the joy in the air was tangible. 

The sense of sisterhood that we shared was empowered by the landscape we beheld as we soaked in the energy from earth, sea, and sky. Looking forward to my next adventure on the islands! 

Mahalo Oahu!