2 Class Registration: Pussy Empowered Dance Class


2 Class Registration: Pussy Empowered Dance Class

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My new experimental bi-monthly class is in full effect and I’m cooking up a full spectrum experience.This class is a full on energy shifting vortex. From meditation and embodiment practices to sensual movement drawing from my many disciplines including exotic dance, samba, burlesque, latin, flamenco and belly dance- we will be empowering ourselves to show up in the world as the Powerful beings that we came here to be. While the main focus is not to memorize moves, we will be learning a choreographed piece to put what we've learned into action and practical ways to take what we’ve learned out into the world.

Just by stepping into the room we are activists, activating ourselves and the planet in the name of empowering the feminine.

This ⚠️ Pussy Empowered⚠️ class will take place under the Full Moon!

What to wear:
Heels encouraged but not required.
Knee pads/ thick leg warmers encouraged for floor work.
Whatever makes you feel sexy- as much or as little as you want.

Price: $25 until midnight the night before class. $30 on the day of.
Two class pass: $35 - 2nd class can be used anytime before May)

Register via this link or via the Paypal link below to save on additional fees:
One Class Registration: https://www.paypal.me/alyssaaparicio/25
Two Class Registration: https://www.paypal.me/alyssaaparicio/35

Location: West Coast Dance Theatre North Hollywood- plenty of easy parking on the street in front.
Time: 8-9:30pm Wednesday March 13th and Wednesday March 20th.
All genders welcome.

Stay tuned for April dates.

*2nd class pass expires on June 1st

**Studio location subject to change.