Sensual Radiance

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Sensual Radiance is coming home to the feminine essence within. It is soaking in the sensory experience of living a life in tune and awakened to our infinite potential. It is a communication between the Earth and the Cosmos, acknowledging the role of the body as a conduit between realms. 


Sensual Radiance Womxn’s Circle

Pussy Empowered Fusion Dance Class

Sacred Erotic Dance Class

Private/ Group Lessons

       Celebrations: birthday/bachelorette parties etc. 

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“Alyssa holds a beautiful sacred space to allow your spirit to drop into your divine feminine to connect with your cosmic womb center. Her gifts of movement inform her meditations and the collective dance the circle creates in the ceremony.” - Grace O.

“I'm still floating on a wave of sensual delight from Alyssa's class!  Alyssa brings such a magical touch to her teaching: she is such a fresh combination of gently attuned, sensually expressive, and powerfully uplifting.  She is a divine dancer and at the same time makes everyone in the room, no matter their level of experience, feel invited to and deeply able to express themselves in sensual self-expression.  She creates such a safe atmosphere for exploration, and helps every woman to express her beautiful individual embodiment.  She is able to weave divine spiritual inspiration and playful flirtation together in magic combination.  She truly is sensual radiance, and she has the gift of sharing that with generosity, skill and grace.” -SG Amy D.

“Instructor Alyssa Aparicio, professional Samba dancer, introduced me to the world of Samba dance and it was an incredible class, and now I'm hooked!! I took her "Erotic Samba: Sacred Dance Workshop", where she began with a spiritual explanation behind the dance, followed by a meditation, and then she led us through the samba step, with sensual hip and arm movement, culminating in a beautiful dance routine that was easy to follow and fun to perform!!! Alyssa's graceful movement and mindful instruction made the class such a pleasure to experience from start to finish. I can't wait to dance the Samba again!!!” - SG Jennifer C.

Pussy Empowered Dance Class

Sensual Samba Fusion