Lunar Radiance 

Lunar Radiance is a practice for individuals with menstrual cycles. It is a practical method of coming home to the ever transforming nature of the feminine.


There are three important elements of this practice: 

1) Intuition 

Learning to hear and trust your inner voice via meditation and embodiment practices.

2) Awareness

Basic knowledge of the hormonal cycle/ reproductive system and how it impacts the day-to- day life of a cycling individual.

3) Ritual

The infusion of action with intention to foster intuition and embrace the flow of your cyclical nature.

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“Alyssa's Lunar Radiance webinar was incredible! I went in with an open mind, open to seeing what I would gain from it. What I ended up with was a regular cycle! I had been irregular for over a year, to much frustration. What I learned was so informative! I discovered how to sync your cycle with the Moon cycles, how to breathe into it and get in tune with myself. And wouldn't you know it, not soon after, I ended up getting my period on the New Moon with a regular flow! Alyssa is a fountain of knowledge and delivers information in a beautiful and feminine way. Cannot recommend her enough!” -Sabrina E, Queen of Operations of Moon Club

“I did a Lunar Radiance session with Alyssa Aparicio. It was my first time doing this kind of personalized consulting and meditation on my cycle and it was a session I will never forget. Alyssa is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable from the beginning and she really helped me to tune into what my womb needs. I really, really appreciated her presentation, her thoughtfulness, her attentiveness, and her presence. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to learn more about your own cycle or even if you don't menstruate, to learn about how we can work to view our lifestyles in a more cyclical way and less linear.” - Assefash M

“A MUST TRY!!! My session was Lunar Radiance with Alyssa, an incredible woman who's capacity to hold space is only matched by her ability to guide you into your own power. My session with her opened me up to a whole new level in myself that I had no idea I even had. Since my session, my relationship with my body has totally changed, and I have a deep understanding of the natural framework of my body, emotions, and mind, and how to harness the power of my cycle!” - Amber C

Lunar Radiance Consultations at Pussy Powerhouse presents On My Period

Lunar Radiance Consultations at Pussy Powerhouse presents On My Period

“In the past, I've pretended my hormonal cycle doesn't have much of an influence on my mood or energy because of the negative stereotypes about hormonal women. Time with Alyssa was insightful and helped me break with that pattern of thinking and see the upside of the menstrual cycle, and the natural strengths I could be harnessing in the various stages of it. Alyssa has a very soothing and inviting presence, and the session is highly individualized based on your experience of your cycle and your goals. She gave me great calendaring tips and next steps to help me implement everything I learned once the session ended!” -Samantha M

Leading a Lunar Radiance Webinar from the Home Office

Leading a Lunar Radiance Webinar from the Home Office

“I did a Lunar Radiance session with Alyssa, and even though I went into the experience very unsure, ignorant, and skeptical, I came away from it feeling deeply GRATEFUL, connected to my spiritual self, and emotionally refreshed. It was my first time doing any sort of meditation, let alone "womb" meditation, and I had never before given thought to my body's needs in this way. In speaking with Alyssa, I realized things about myself that I had never admitted, such as that I used to curse being a woman. Alyssa's presence, her aura, her nature, acted as a support for me to truly look inward in a way that was COMFORTABLE instead of terrifying (as I had always previously felt.) My discomfort melted away early on in the session, as Alyssa is not only knowledgeable, but kind, warm, and open. I would recommend this for every woman. Especially those who, like me, have unfortunately bought into the prevalent but untrue mentality that femininity is weakness. This Lunar Radiance session showed me that it is NOT, and that I can and MUST connect to my feminine power and change my mentality to one of ACCEPTANCE and a cyclical flow in all aspects of my life.” -Crístaly C