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As we sink into Spring we prepare for the climactic moment of Lunar Beltane which is the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

My 8 day Beltane: Fan the Flames Email Course will begin with an intention setting ritual on the Leo Waxing Moon of May 11th and riding the orgasmic waves to the Scorpio Full Moon of May 18th. It shall be a full on FEAST of the senses and CARNIVAL of the sexual self that will:

Fan the Flames of Your Sexuality

Inspire Your Sensual Nature

Celebrate this fertile time of Lunar Beltane

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✨May 11th - May 18th✨

🌙Leo Waxing Moon- Scorpio Full Moon🌕


✨A Sacred Space for the Feminine Sexual Nature to Flourish ✨

✨Opening & Closing Ritual -up to 1 hour each ✨

✨Daily email w/ inspiration & prompts 5-20 minute commitment daily ✨


✨Sensual Movement✨

✨Womb Meditation ✨

✨Sacred Erotic Arts✨

✨Sex Magic✨

✨Releasing Sexual Shame✨


✨Curated Beltane Playlist ✨

✨Access to my Daily Womb Meditation ($10 value) ✨

✨Discounts for access to digital offerings and upcoming events ✨

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Registration Price: $50

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OR Get a taste by listening to my

free Beltane New Moon Ritual:

Meeting Your Highest Sensual Self