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After a youth of Catholic School morality classes on the same block as Jenny, I attended Vassar College where I was liberated from a life of pleated skirts and pleasures forbidden. Once there, my passion for writing and traveling evolved into the pursuit of a BA in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies.

 What does one do with this degree? Jump at every opportunity to travel, write, and wrap lips around foreign tongue. Study trips brought me to Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Big Bend, and various Hudson Valley expeditions. A semester abroad at Barcelona's Universitat Pompeu Fabra allowed me to further my concentration on Catalan Identity and Culture. Working for EF College Break throughout college gave me the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and throughout Europe while promoting eye opening travel experiences. 

 Vassar's 1st Issue of Contrast Magazine

Vassar's 1st Issue of Contrast Magazine

My time at Vassar taught me two things: that trees exist and that anything is possible. This liberal environment encouraged me to dream even larger and to take chances to make your dreams a reality. In Gender Studies courses I questioned feminine and masculine identity.

Outside of the classroom I was heavily involved in campus life. A part of Contrast - Vassar's first publication dedicated to campus fashion, I was featured on the very first cover and later went on to become Creative Director the following year.  

Seeing a need to fill the gaping hole between Vassar's Repertory Dance and the few dance organizations, I co-found HYPE -which would evolve into Vassar's primary Hip Hop Dance Organization. Our goal was to create an open and welcoming opportunity for dancers with a passion for hip hop and a penchant for performance.Today HYPE is an official VSA organization of four years, continuing to expand and impact the campus and greater Poughkeepsie community.

 HYPE VBDC performance

HYPE VBDC performance

Since graduating, I've filled notebooks, passports, and portfolio with projects that vary from music video production to music festival coverage. I've backpacked incessantly across the States, Europe, and Brazil sun chasing and dream indulging. 

I am in no shortage of sight or story.

My passion for the frozen form and international travel has allowed me to traverse the world as a model and visual artist. I've worked with recognized photographers and videographers, at times personally styling, crafting, and collaborating creative direction. I've experienced fashion in varying perspectives and cultures, working with world renowned photographers including Madrid's Alberto Von Stokkum. I have been featured in Converse's "Sneakers Get Dirty" international advertising campaign, and JCPenney's "Olsenboye" commercial premiered during the 2011 Oscars. Upon the runway, I modeled on Season 5 of Project Runway, 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and NYC's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. 

I dance for the chance to free my hips from a history of confinement.

As COO and samba dancer for The Carnavalesque Awakening,

 I unite and empower women to access their divinity through the art of dance under the mentorship of

Esteemed first non-Brazilian Carnaval Queen of Rio de Janeiro, Imperatrix Amaia. 

Beginning my career as a gogo dancer in Barcelona's famed Opium Mar, I since moved to Los Angeles where I've performed at countless venues including Lure, Acabar, Sur, Couture, and Tru Hollywood, alongside burlesque group, Rocka Chic.   

Since, I have freestyles my way to the top, performing upon the main stage of Electric Daisy Carnival before hundreds and thousands of people, sharing a stage with the likes of Tiesto, Krewella, Above & Beyond in the heart of Las Vegas. I have performed upon Carnival Choreographer's ball for Apolli Sa'Deeq, and alongside the Banjee Boiz, male burlesque troupe.

As a belly dancer, I have performed with the Lotus Dance Company led by Layla Lotus.

As CEO and co-founder of WildSpice Magazine, I strive to spur the change I wish to see in the media.

"Unadulterated and Feisty Freedom of Expression" is our mission.

 To steer clear of How to Please Your Man to stressing the importance of being pleasured and pleasing ourselves first.

A community founded by 5 entrepreneurs and independent spirits invites artists to put their work in context with awareness.

I write for the chance to live life twice, in the words of Anaîs Nin. 

I write what I wish I had to read. I crave to  hear and to collaborate with more fearless female voices and figures.

My published works have been featured in Elite Daily, Vibe Magazine, and Sensa Nostra, serving the freshest batch of culture and transgression straight from field and festival to an alternate frequency-  front and center at EDC, SXSW, Electric Zoo, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, and HARD Summer. 

Visual artistry is the fusion of my pursuits. Working with cutting edge visual artists that include LA Noir, Micheal Allen, Talltree, Brien Reullman and Thomas Williams, The Current Sea, Manual Focus, Sienna Brown.


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